12 September 2011

Review: Posh Pizza, Bicton

I thought I'd add some reviews in amongst the recipes and 'life' posts. I think it's nice to find out which places people are eating at and if it's worth handing over your well deserved moolah.

In the case of Posh Pizza it's definitely worth it. Saturdays have officially been declared a 'kitchen-free zone' in our house which means we'll either be gobbling up a take-away meal (and in this case Andreas will use the kitchen because he's a sucker for utensils, I on the other-hand am a pig haha) or dining out.

Now Posh Pizza is the perfect place for me because I am a pizza snob! I will shout that from rooftops because I think places like Dominoes and Pizza Hut etc... are disgusting. Sure they're a cheap option if you're having a big party or if you're hungover but I'd rather chip in some extra $$$ to eat something enjoyable.

They have shrunk their menu (which was unfortunate because some of the pizzas they used to have I would've loved to try) but it still contains really yummy pizza and on Saturday we settled on the oldie but goodie 'Hawaiian'. Andreas was concerned when he opened the box because it looked like a plain cheese pizza (he HATES cheese) but I pointed that they'd just put a lot of YUMMY cheese over the toppings and there definitely was enough ham and pineapple. I thought it tasted amazing, Andreas was on the fence but that didn't stop him from eating the majority of it.

It is still a staple takeaway option in our house - when I can let myself not think of all the calories and I recommend you check them out if you're in the area.

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